Classic Premium Aquaman Costume for Men

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Aquaman Don’t CareWe’ve all heard it before. You know what we’re talking about. All of the Aquaman jokes. Snide remarks about how his only power is talking to fish or comments about how his best friend is an octopus. They try to claim that Batman and Superman are both cooler, but you know what? Aquaman don’t care.First of all, he’s the Atlantean king. That’s right, the king. Of the oceans. You know, the ones that cover MOST of the surface of the Earth? Second, the guy has lifted a cruise ship out of the ocean with his bare hands. That’s probably around 100,000 tons. Let’s see Batman do that. He also wields a magical trident that can summon storms, command the mighty flow of the ocean, and it can even shoot a freakin’ lightning bolt at his enemies. Aquaman can do all of that, so why would he ever care about a few puny humans making some petty wisecracks about his telepathic abilities with fish. (On a side note, having an octopus as a best friend would be totally awesome.) Everyone should have that kind of self-confidence!Fun DetailsWell, this premium Aquaman costume can turn you into the Atlantean superhero. It comes with an orange top that has printed scales to mimic the look of Aquaman’s armor from the comic books. The has green bottoms along with a pair of matching boot covers and gloves. The finishing touch to the look comes in form of a yellow belt, which fits around the waist.More Than Just a Fish ConversationalistWhen you put this Aquaman costume on, you’re going to feel like the confident Justice League founder. And yes, people will try to poke fun at you for talking to fish. Just remind them that you command a majority share of the Earth, effectively making him the ruler of the entire Earth!

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