Classic Uncle Sam Costume

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I Want YOU!Hey, everybody, it’s Uncle Sam! He came before to help us celebrate the Fourth of July, but now he’s back to encourage a spirit of patriotic fun the rest of the year too. We’re always happy to see such a beloved national figure! If we could make just one tiny complaint, though, it would be about his way of getting stuff done. He tends to march around pointing his figure and shouting “I want YOU!” All day, every day: “I want YOU…to try this lemonade!” “I want YOU…for my team on Halo!” “I want YOU…to come look at this adorable puppy going past the house!” Maybe work on the delivery a little bit, big guy. Product DetailsCelebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave with this exclusive Classic Uncle Sam Costume for Adults! Slip on the blue jacket with its classy lapels and row of brass-toned buttons. The white vest front is attached to the jacket to make getting dressed up even easier. The combination looks classy and patriotic when you add the oversized red bowtie that clips onto the collar. The red-and-white striped pants are extra comfortable thanks to the elastic waistband, so that you can wear them through parties, parades, pageants and more. The white top hat is decorated with a big blue star-studded band around the crown. The Star Spangled ManStep aside, Steve Rogers! Uncle Sam was the first person to put on a flag-inspired outfit and march around encouraging people to support their country during its toughest hours. Doesn’t that make him the first superhero?

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