Cobra Kai Kids Costume

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First ImpressionsWorking your way through the barrage of fists and feet coming at you, you know that this match is yours. You stop another several attacks with expertly timed blocks, using all the techniques that you and your sensei have been working on for months. You were taught real moves, so you know that this wax on/wax off kid stands no chance.Suddenly, you find yourself flat on your back on the mat! You have tripped over the large set of flippers that your sensei wanted you to wear to this match. Being a part of the Fighting Fish dojo has been a pretty good thing overall, but after this loss you think that maybe you should consider that offer from the Cobra Kai dojo after all…Packs a PunchNo one knows karate style like the sensei of the Cobra Kai and this Girl’s Cobra Kai Costume proves that beyond a doubt. The pants and tunic are both comfortable and light, allowing for great range of motion without tripping. The patches on the leg and shoulder announce that you are a member of the best dojo, while the black belt demands respect. The stylish headband is the last part of the costume that will mark you out as a member of the best dojo around!Not Karate KiddingIf you are looking for a wickedly cool karate costume for your child, then you will love this one. It has all the details that you are looking for, just make sure you remember to practice your high blocks!

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