Coming to America McDowells Mens Costume

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From Floors to FriesPrince Akeem has it all figured out. When looking for love, you can’t just walk around town wearing expensive coats and shimmering gold jewelry. That’s a dead giveaway that you’re the crowned prince of Zamunda! He would never be sure if his true love wanted him… or his vast riches. That’s why he works at McDowell’s restaurant. It might not be a glamorous gig to mop floors (and stop the occasional violent robber), but it’s certainly a test of true love! And who knows! Maybe you’ll move from mopping floors to washing the lettuce in record time. (Next is working the fryer.)If you want to find your true love, then you’re ready to dress up in this Coming to America McDowell’s Costume. It’s officially licensed from one of the greatest movies of all time, Coming to America!Design & DetailsThis adult McDowell’s costume comes with everything you need to search for love in Queens! It starts with a plaid vest, the standard uniform of every McDowell’s employee! The vest fits with buttons in front and comes with a matching bowtie that clips on your collar. The hat has a Scottish vibe to it, giving it a unique style in the fast-food world. Finally, the costume comes with interchangeable name tags, so you can be Prince Akeem, or Semmi. You will have to pair this costume kit up with your own dress shirt to complete the iconic outfit from the movie.The Dynamic DuoWhen you dress up in this Coming to America costume, you can reenact scenes from the movie or attempt to meet your queen! You can even pair up with a friend to become the classic duo of Akeem and Semmi. (Just make sure that Semmi stays out of trouble this time around.)

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