Cookies and Milk Costume for Adults

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Dynamic DuoHow well do you and your friend get along? Is it a civil but somewhat distant relationship? Or perhaps you have one of those relationships where you love each other one day, and then can’t stand each other the next (frienemies is it?). No? Maybe your relationship is stronger than that. Maybe you fit together all the time. Like you were made for each other. Like peanut butter and jelly or bacon and eggs. Like pieces of the same puzzle or some a famous duo. Like cookies and milk.If we’re being honest here, that last comparison is the one to aim for. Because, let’s face it, not everyone likes PB&J or bacon and eggs (tragic, we know, but true). Cookies and milk though? How could anyone be mad at a delightfully sweet treat and a refreshing soothing beverage? It’s really the best combo out there, hence why you and your bestie should aim for being sweet and smooth, like cookies and milkFun DetailsIf you’re sure that you and your friend are this connected, this awesome together, well then maybe you need to show off your relationship. And what better way than with our Adult Cookies and Milk costume? This costume set has one milk tunic and one cookie form. The milk carton tunic pulls on over the head and it’s printed to look like a typical milk-carton. The cookie, on the other hand, is made of polyurethane foam and it’s on a wire frame to maintain its shape. It has elastic shoulder straps and soft-sculpted chocolate chips for texture. This delightful duo set is also available in child’s sizes. Cookie

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