Costume Kit – Mouse

94,00 kr.

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Fellow Cheese LoverCan we talk for a minute about cheese? Cheese is delicious. It can be creamy or sharp, nutty or tart, spreadable or chompable. It goes with everything from snack platters to apple pie. It’s the crowning jewel of casseroles, pastas, and soups galore. And there are endless kinds and flavors. Even the orange stuff that comes in a can has its own charm. Here’s the point – mice often get a bad rap since technically they’re vermin, but they also would do almost anything for a piece of Parmesan. We’ve all been there. Let’s cut mice a break! Product DetailsBe the cutest rodent on the block in this exclusive Mouse Costume Kit! The set includes a hat that is sewn with two big, adorable mouse ears, two eyes, a sweet pink nose, and buck teeth that can’t wait to sink into a block of cheddar. The accompanying tail attaches to your pants. Hooray for Mice! When people see you, they won’t chase you away – they’ll want to give you extra cheese (or extra candy, if that’s your preference). Use this kit to complete your mouse costume or wear on its own for a simple but fun getup!

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