Cozy Bat Girls Costume for Girls

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BATS MISBEHAVEDress your little one as a bat this Halloween! You will love watching them fly all over in the complete darkness, eating bugs and flying way to close to your head… Well, that doesn’t sound like fun when we put it like that. But that’s what bats do, isn’t it? Anytime we see bats outside, they’re just zooming around at the speed of light, flying way to close to our heads. Every single time we think they might hit us in the head, and every time at the last second they veer away and safely avoid our heads. It really stresses us out, the way bats misbehave like that. All the same, bats are pretty cool we guess. And we are sure your little one will be a much better-behaved bat than the ones in our attic. And your kiddo probably won’t eat bugs, we hope. Yeah, it’ll be okay, dress as a bat! Don’t let the poorly behaved wild bats ruin it for the rest of us. FUN DETAILS This costume comes as a 100% polyester fleece body suit. It has a front zipper, making it easy to put on, even with the wings! It has a peaked hemline and batwing flaps between the sleeves and side seams. These wings, while efficient, are probably not strong enough to allow your kid to fly. All the same, if you see your little one try, maybe hold them down, just to be safe. The finishing touch for this costume is the faux fur hood, with soft little bat wings on top.A BETTER BATWe bet your little one will make a better bat than the ones in our neighborhood. Granted, that’s not hard to do. As long as your child doesn’t scare anyone repeatedly, and doesn’t eat any bugs, they should be in the clear. Have fun, we hope you enjoy the costume!

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