Crab Toddler Costume

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Crabby ToddlerMuch like a crab, your child has two very distinct settings, if you will. There’s the, “Oh! Look at that! How interesting,” setting. Common when you spy a crab on the beach while it’s scuttling through the tide or collecting tiny shells in a tidepool. Equally common when you catch your toddler laying under a blanket fort they’ve built without your knowledge and have organized into a functioning castle with guards, princesses, and even a pet dragon. Even more exciting is when your toddler brings you something, a dandelion, a color-crayon self-portrait, or an invite to visit their blanket fort, much like a crab might present a shell fragment to their own family. But then, of course, you have setting number two: “Get that away from me!” Angry, scared, or otherwise disturbed crabs tend to pinch. Ditto for toddlers. End of story. Luckily, crabs and your toddler are set to number one most of the time. Something very worth celebrating. We happen to have a great way to help out. Just suit your child up with this toddler crab outfit!Design & DetailsThis delightful Crab costume for toddler kids features a bodysuit, vest, headpiece, boot covers, and a pair of mitts. The bright red jumpsuit zi

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