Crazy Color Clown Girls Costume

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Clowning Around Who wouldn’t want to be a clown? The happy-go-lucky colorful performers have a romantic origin in Italy where clowns and fools capered around before kings and queens (and often were some of the most famous people in the land!) Then they broke into show business big-time under the big top with their squirting flowers, unicycles, and hilarious jokes! Wherever they go, they’re sure to make people happy. If you’re the sort of person who loves the limelight and always knows just what to say to cheer someone up, you’ve got the soul of a kindhearted, generous, fun-loving prankster – a clown! Product DetailsShow your true colors with this Girls Crazy Color Clown Costume! The pullover dress will be possibly the most fun thing you’ll ever wear in your life. The soft white top is splattered with a pattern that looks like bright dots of rainbow paint, and embellished with three oversized multicolor buttons. Sweet puffed sleeves add a touch of daintiness, as does the attached red and white polka dot bowtie. The attached rainbow suspenders show your sense of flair and go perfectly with the mesk skirt that’s paneled with pink, purple, aqua, yellow, lime green, and orange. You’ll look like a whirling color wheel when you twirl! You’ll love the included white leggings with their own splashes of bright color. Clip on the mini purple felt hat with the included alligator clips for the cutest accessory in the world. Just Fooling The best part of being a clown is that it’s your job to be the funniest person around. Don’t hold back – give everyone your full routine of hilarious material! With your sense of humor and your amazing outfit, you’ll brighten the gloomiest day.

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