Creepy Clown Girl’s Costume

283,00 kr.

Color: Brown/Blue/Red
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Fun costumes
Network: Commission Junction

Til butik


Technicolor NightmaresMost of the time, people dream in black and white. Not when the Midnight Circus comes to town. The dreams start as soon as the posters are hung and the big top is up. You don’t even have to buy tickets. You just start dreaming. And always, always, no matter what turns the nightmare takes, a little clown arrives right in the end. She’s wearing a technicolor costume that you’ll never forget!Design & DetailsDesigned by our in-house Creative team, this Made-By-Us Creepy Clown Costume has just the right amount of fear factor to keep it family friendly while indulging in your kiddo’s scary side. The long-sleeved dress is trimmed with tulle along the neck, sleeves, and tattered skirt hem. The satin-textured fabric has a polka dot pattern interrupted with red splatters that look suspisuously like… no, it can’t be! The polka dot dress is complimented with eerie faded rainbow leggings and a black and white striped bow. Complete with a classic red nose, this Clown costume is sure make the crowd go wild. (That is, if going wild means running and hiding)The Show Must Go OnWhile this Creepy Clown might send dread down the spines of a circus audience, your kiddo will delight in the serious creep factor! She’ll feel like she crawled right out of a nightmare and onto the streets on Halloween night. No one will have any doubts that this clown has some serious tricks up her sleeves!

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