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A Darling DollLook at this darling little doll! What a beautiful little work of art, with her pretty white dress with red lacy trim, and her cute blonde pigtails. Why, any little girl would be excited to find such a pretty doll in her bedroom or unwrap her as a present. We definitely think she’d make a perfect Christmas present for your little girl this year… or maybe you should just keep her for yourself! She’s really perfect for anyone!What’s that, you ask? If she’s so wonderful, why are we so desperate to get rid of her? Oh, it’s not like that at all, we promise! We love this beautiful little doll. Ever since she showed up on our doorstep, we’ve been so happy. We’re best friends! But we… felt guilty about keeping her all to ourselves! Yes, that’s it! It just wouldn’t be fair to all the other little girls who want a beautiful doll to be best friends with. Every little girl deserves the chance to have a doll friend who’s so special, she seems to actually come alive… eating cookies that were left out, and moving from room to room inexplicably, and tearing up family pictures…Product DetailsBring some spooky fun to your next party with this Girl’s Creepy Doll Costume. The knee-length white dress comes with a sheer petticoat that hangs lower than the out layer, and both are trimmed in beautiful blood… er, rose red. There’s a cute oversized matching red bow around the waist, and ruffles down the front of the dress. The sleeves come with a layer of sheer, dotted material extending beyond sleeve edges.Best Friends Forever… And Ever!See, isn’t this doll just the most precious little thing you ever saw? We insist, you have to take her home with you! You won’t regret it, we promise. Take her home today… Please? Please?

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