Cthulhu Kigurumi Adult Costume

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Answer the CallCthulhu has been in his deep prison for a long while now. It’s been a long haul. He’s slept through the industrial revolution, the advent of sliced bread, and that decade when everyone kept getting perms and wearing shoulder pads. He’s been stirring recently. Maybe it’s because we humans drilled for oil in the wrong place. Maybe it’s simply because his time is simply coming. But the point is, Cthulhu has missed a lot of world happenings while he’s been trapped. win favor with the infamous octopus-God by dressing up as him and offering to catch him up on the world’s culture before he dives headfirst into bringing death and destruction down on the world!Product DetailsIf you’re the kind of person can’t decide between staying in and watch horror movies on Halloween or heading out in a costume that flaunts your love of the holiday than this Kigurumi is just the ticket! The comfy fit is oversized, buttoning over any ensemble so that you can slip it on when you get home from work to fully transform into the cuddle monster that was stirring inside all day. Soft wings are attached to the back while the hood slips over your head giving you the ancient tentacles that were first described by H.P. Lovecraft. Don’t Melt the MessengerReady to act as a go-between to man and an ancient god? We’re sure you’ll do a great job, you just have to get on the ancient deities good side. Obtain his mercy on mankind by showing him all the hits. Start with the classic movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and have a nautical movie marathon that covers everything from Das Boot to the Pirates of the Caribean. Then move on to land-based shows. In the meantime, the rest of humanity will be preparing for Cthulhu’s attack. Who knew a cozy pajama costume would make you into a hero?

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