Cupid Costume for Men | Valentines Day Costume for Men

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All Is FairCupid might be the God of love at first sight but he’s sure caused a lot of trouble! We suppose that makes sense. There’s a reason he carries a bow and arrow instead of a greeting card. If he hadn’t hit Helen and Paris with his troublesome arrow, those thousand ships would have never launched. The ten-year attack on Troy would never have happened. But humans make great targets and history was made. He muddled in affairs of state again when it came to Henry the eighth and Anne Boleyn (another unhappy ending). But surely not all of his arrows led to tragedy? Love is a good thing, after all! We always hear about the great loves that end in tragedy but the romantic stories that end with the couple growing old and watching the sunset from their porch while the grandkids play in the yard aren’t as dramatic. Okay, maybe we shouldn’t give Cupid such a hard time!Design & DetailsDespite the troubles love can cause, you’ll be welcome wherever you go when you’re dressed in this Cupic costume. Which is nice cause this is a costume you’ll be able to wear again and again! The one-shouldered toga is dripping with gold ribbon and red hearts and has attached red wings on the back. And while we get that the free-form toga was all the rage in ancient times, we wanted our Cupids to feel more at ease. That’s why our designers threw shorts on this costume. So you can focus on your aim without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.All You NeedLove might cause trouble but it also makes the world go round. Spread the love with this adorable and a little hilarious costume! Perfect for Halloween, parades, Valentines Day, and any other event where you feeling like celebrating that all intoxicating feeling- love!

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