Custom Color Adult Witch Hat

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Hat TrickA lot of people assume witches have only one mood. But the evil cackle mood only got so popular because that’s such a fun mode. Come on, have you ever left a party while cackling? That’s all anyone would talk about for months to come! But an everyday witch has all the emotions that non-magical folks do. They get jealous, wistful, playful, and plucky. With all these changes in attitude, it’s no wonder why we’ve been getting requests for witch hats that can change according to that day’s mood. The best way to switch up the general feel of an outfit will always be a splash of color. With this in mind, this witch hat with different colored ribbons lets this classic witch hat fit a range of your witchy moods at a moment’s notice!Design & DetailsThis wide-brimmed witch hat comes with three different colors of bows. With purple, orange, or green, you’ll feel confident that you’ll have the right color scheme for your witchy costume or mood. The wide brim proudly showcases the bow while the proud peak will make your character unmistakable!Coven ReadyAre you getting together with a group of witches? It’s important to be able to tell your friends apart on a group broom ride. Gift them with these hats and each witch can choose their color for the night to make sure no magic mix-ups take place!

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