Daisy Costume for Adults

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Fresh as a DaisyThere’s something so cheerful and spring-like about a budding flower. It unfurls with the dawn and drinks the morning dew to stay bright and perky all day long. Most of us would rather hit the snooze button a few times than greet the sun as it rises, and we’d prefer a tall coffee or a mixed drink as a pick-me-up. Even so, if you share the daisy’s affinity for warm days and summer fun, you should dress as one for Halloween! Product DetailsBurst into bloom thanks to this Adult White Daisy Costume! The outfit consists of an oversized headpiece that fits comfortably over your entire head. The face opening is framed with yellow details that look like a daisy’s center, and the rest is covered with thin white fabric petals that overlap for a voluminous appearance. A long rectangular streamer made of green fabric is sewn to the bottom of the headpiece and hangs down your front. It’s decorated with oversized green fabric leaves that are printed with vein details. You Love This Costume, You Love It Not…You could pull all of the petals off of a perfectly good flower to learn whether or not your outfit will be a hit at your next Halloween party or dress-up event. Or you could just waltz into the party knowing that you look amazing and that everyone is going to be asking you where you got your amazing look! Tell them it’s all due to the power of a good fertilizer.

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