Dark Majesty Girl’s Costume

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It’s Tough at the TopPeople always assume that being a queen is a walk in the park. They see all the cool stuff, like the amazing palaces, luxurious bedrooms, scrumptious food and rooms stuffed full of toys. There’s the whole being-able-to-declare-any-law-you-want thing, which ensures you’ll never get in trouble for jaywalking or stealing candy. (How can you steal candy when you literally own all the candy in the land?) And since you’re unbelievably rich, you can afford to buy any trinket that catches your eye, whether it’s a new stable full of beautiful horses or the prettiest tiara you see in the shop. You have so many gorgeous dresses that you could wear a new one every day without running out, and you have servants who take care of all those undesirable chores like cleaning the bathroom and washing the dishes.But people don’t realize that it’s really difficult to be a queen! You have to make decisions that can affect a whole country of people, and that’s not even considering the work it takes to stay on good terms with your neighboring kingdoms to ensure a war doesn’t break out. Sometimes, you have to do things that make you unpopular, like raise taxes so you can afford the newest fashions. And all those glittering balls can become a real bore to attend. So it’s only fair if you indulge a little with a new, gorgeous dress, like this one!Product DetailsRule over your kingdom in style with this Girl’s Dark Majesty Costume. The regal dress is made from 100 percent polyester faux silk and metallic brocade fabrics, along with 100 percent polyurethane foam. The black pullover dress has a black, lace-edged foam stand-up collar, along with a brocade front inset panel. The black ruched sleeves end in an elastic finger loop, and there’s also elastic at the back waistband for a comfy fit. The costume comes with a flexbile black plastic crown with an elastic band at the back and side combs for stability. No one will be taking this queen’s crown away!All Hail the Queen!It may be tough to be on top, but at least you can always look good!

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