Dark Monarch Mens Costume

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Long Live the King!In order to be a king and defend your kingdom from all enemies, you’ve got to be ruthless. Clever. Focused. Charismatic. You’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep your power, whether that’s facing off against giant, fire-breathing dragons or battling ice giants. It can get lonely, since you never really can trust anyone. What if your barber is actually a hired killer? Or your sweet, little old granny is actually a bloodthirsty assassin in disguise? Throwing her out the window was a risk you had to take. But all the sleepless nights, frayed nerves, bouts of friendless depression and traumatic wars are worth it as long as you get to sit on that big chair with a crown on your regal head!Product DetailsRule your kingdom with fierce style in this Men’s Dark Monarch Costume. The costume comes with a tunic top, cape, belt and crown. The black tunic top is trimmed with silver and made out of the finest 100 percent polyester fabric, truly fit for a king!The tunic has puffed sleeves with silver accents, along with a silver stripe down the front. There’s a decorative chain made out of fabric material, and an impressively billowy black cape that attaches with a hook-and-loop fastener. The black foam belt matches the collar on the tunic, and there’s also a two-piece silver crown that is adjustable for the perfect fit. All you need now is a noble sword with a name like Dragonslayer or Iceheart! You could go on a quest to find it, but we’re pretty sure you could find a very good choice somewhere on our website…It’s Good to Be KingWith this Men’s Dark Monarch Costume, you will be ready for any threat to your throne!

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