Darkest Siren Girl’s Costume

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Dangerous WatersIt’s a still, still night on the water. The moon reflects off of the ocean’s rippling surface, splashing silver on the ship’s bow as it carves through the water. The sailors are on high alert, looking out for hidden shoals and rocks that could damage the hull. All is normal, until an unearthly, beautiful voice splits the silence. Then another, and another. The sailors freeze, enchanted by the sound. They turn their ship towards the voices, and towards death on the rocks. Not all mermaids are nice, but not all sirens are bad, either! Your child can decide what kind of siren they want to be in this Girl’s Darkest Siren Costume.Product DetailsThis purple and black dress is tailored to look like a sleek mermaid tail with fins. The top bodice has black ruffles that extend into off the shoulder sleeves, while black straps keep the dress in place. A panel of purple, shimmery scales matches the scales of the pencil skirt. Purple ruffles at the hip are echoed in the larger purple and black ruffles on the bottom. Finish off the look with the matching seahorse charm choker necklace and black tulle headband! Princess of the SeaWhether your child wants to be a benevolent sea creature or a terrifying, man eating monster, they will feel like aquatic royalty in this costume. This dress is both Halloween and costume party approved, perfect for any mermaid occasion. Just don’t let your child sing any enchanting songs, okay?

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