Darth Vader Tween Dress Costume

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Star Wars. The dark side of the force and the light. Star fighters. Star Destroyers. Droids. Lightsabers! There’s tons of stuff to be fans of when it comes to this epic franchise and series of movie sagas. Maybe your young girl is new to the Star Wars saga, or maybe she’s started at a very, very young age. No matter. She can make her own entry into the Star Wars universe when she chooses a favorite character.Maybe she’s all about the Jedi, or maybe, just maybe, she’s all about the Sith. If that’s the case, then surely, Darth Vader is the epic villain that she admires! This Darth Vader Tween Dress Costume will have her styled just like Darth, but in a unique dress that’s just right for girls. This costume set comes with a dress, hat, belt, and socks. All styled like his iconic costume with printed designs and details. Star Wars officially licensed from Rubies Costume Company, get her this costume to let her try out the dark side!

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