Day of the Dead Men’s Suitmeister Suit Costume

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Skulls for DaysWho said that the Day of the Dead could only be celebrated once a year? We think you’ll look stunning all year round in this Day of the Dead Suit from Suitmeister! The deep red of the rose pattern accents the navy background without overwhelming the delicate, traditionally decorated skull design. Together, these different elements create a style that feels both modern and old school.Product DetailsIt’s all about the details in this 100% polyester Men’s Day of the Dead Suitmeister Suit. The jacket features a two button style closure and false pocket flaps. The matching pants do have pockets for your essentials. They are zippered but include elastic bands at the hip for a perfect fit for everyone. This is a slim cut suit, so be sure to check the size chart to find your ideal size! The cherry on top is the tie, in the same gorgeous pattern as the suit. And YES, it is a real tie! No fake ties here, so get ready to start tying ties! There are plenty of videos out there for the less confident tie-wearer.Make Skulls Turn with This LookEveryone will need to take a second glance at this beautiful and daring suit. No matter where this suit is worn, it will leave an impression on those left behind. Perhaps you wish to honor this Mexican, Central and South American holiday on the day of. Maybe you simply admire the beautiful colors and patterns of the tradition. Either way, this suit will fit all the requirements. If you are celebrating, Feliz Dia de los Muertos! We hope you enjoy this beautiful suit.

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