DC Classic Adult Black Adam Costume

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Billy Batson Vs Black AdamSome people aren’t familiar with Black Adam. They look at his outfit and just think that he’s some kind of Shazam knockoff, but that’s just because they don’t know his amazing resume! Sure, he has all of Shazam’s powers. You know, the superhuman stamina, speed that’s near Flash levels! He has the strength of a god, the wisdom to match, and he even has superhuman levels of power and courage-all that jazz. But Black Adam doesn’t have the childish sensibilities of Shazam. He ruled an entire country, Kahndaq, for countless years. He used his powers to protect his nation, even when it meant doing some… not-so-nice things. He’s served on the Council of Immortals for who knows how long! And to top it all off… he has a cooler costume than Shazam.There. We said it. We think that Black Adam has a cooler costume than Shazam! That red and yellow stuff might be good for Billy Batson, but give us the black and gold of the Black Adam costume any day.Fun DetailsThis Adult Classic Black Adam Costume gives you the iconic costume from the comic book series! It comes with a black jumpsuit that stretches to fit and fits with a zipper in back. The chest has a sewn-in, gold-colored lightning bolt. The legs have elastic foot straps to help with fitting as well. The gold boot covers match the daring lightning bolt on the chest and they fit over most pairs of shoes. The gauntlets are a matching gold color and complete the costume with brilliant style. Put it all together and you might just feel like a super-charged hero yourself!SHAZAM!While this Black Adam Costume might not grant you the powers of Shazam, it will grant you the awesome style of Black Adam… and sometimes, that’s enough to make you feel like a superhero!

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