Deer Fawn Costume for Girls

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A FROLICKING GOOD TIMEIs your gal the type who likes to wander off into the park and explore? Perhaps enjoys making friends with the local animals? An easy attention-getting and friendly sort that you can tell is bound to make a lasting impression on the local populous? Well, sounds like you’ve got yourself quite a darling of a dear! There’s only a few things that we can do to especially highlight such a gentle and serene heart.We don’t want to draw any direct comparisons to any existing woodland critters who’ve stolen our own hearts away, but there are a couple that we can clearly connect to that sweet persona that your own kiddo most clearly embodies. Amidst the many options for furry friends, there is only one that clearly can be recommended… the fawn that will one day be the leader of the whole woodland family!FUN DETAILSShow your kiddo just who she embodies with this Deer Fawn Girl’s Costume. This polyester spandex blend dress zips up the front and has all over spotty print for that perfectly fuzzy look. Faux leather hooves are sewn to the cuffs and the hood pulls up to complete the transformation from darling to deer. The ears are sewn onto the hood and the hood features wired antlers to finish off the look.THE KING OF THE WOODS SHALL BE A QUEENThe little fawn we all came to love would one day grow to be the king of the forest, and we’re not talking about some grumpy lion. We’re talking about the gentle-hearted deer that perfectly captures the heart of your little darling. Show off just who she is inside with this lovely deer look. Maybe join up with a few other forest friends!

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