Deluxe Adult Donkey Kong Costume

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The Kong-Mario FeudDonkey Kong has come a long way. Back in 1981, he was kidnapping Mario’s girlfriend and throwing barrels at him. Why? What was the original feud? Well, no one really knows to this day. Maybe Mario did some shoddy plumbing work in Donkey Kong’s home all those years! Now, a few generations later and today’s Donkey Kong is pals with Mario, playing friendly games of tennis with him and heading on go-karting adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.Maybe you can hang out with Mario and the Nintendo crew when you dress up in this Adult Deluxe Donkey Kong Costume, which is officially licensed from the classic video game series.Fun DetailsThis Donkey Kong costume starts with a brown jumpsuit that fits with a simple fastener in the back of the suit. The chest and shoulders have fiberfill padding to help give you that muscular, barrel-throwing physique. The red necktie has DK’s initials on it and it fits around your neck with a fastener. The costume also comes with a character hood, which is shaped like Donkey Kong’s head. It even has soft-sculpted features and a pair of cartoonish eyes on top to complete the look. When you have it all on, you’ll be ready to hop into a go-kart for a real-life round of MarioKart!

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