Deluxe Astronaut Costume for Men

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Over the moonRemember the moon landing? One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Yeah, that was decades ago. It was impressive, for sure. But when it comes to talking space, over the moon has a whole new meaning. We’re mentally over it. We’re no longer blown away. We think it’s time something crazy happened in space. It’s the 2000’s for goodness sake! We should be trading secrets and stories with extra-terrestrials as we take in Jupiter’s multi-ringed light show. We should be exploring the surface of Mars as casual tourists, Hawiaan print space suits and all! Now, don’t get us wrong. It’s not NASA’s fault. People just got a little less pumped about space once we reached the moon. It’s about time we revved up that enthusiasm again and set our sights on some far-out places!Product DetailsThis space suit won’t protect you from the endless cold of the cosmos but it will get everyone around you thinking of the great beyond! This exclusive suit is Made-By-Us with details, durability, and comfort in mind. It zips up the front so that’s easy to change into. Elastic at the ankles and wrists allow you to tuck the jumpsuits ends into gloves and boots.Your Own Personal SpaceThe astronaut look has never looked so suave! If you’re looking to finish off your ensemble you’ll like the mitts, boots, and our comfortable astronaut helmet. Want to make this a group costume? Not only is it easy, it’s fun! You can encourage your partner or friends to scroll through our variety of space suits. And if they want to go wild have them dress up as an alien ambassador. Since you aren’t actually a NASA employee, where you take your space travel is up to you. It’s your space adventure, you do what you want!

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