Deluxe Black Hooded Robe Costume for Girls

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Have you ever taken a stroll through the Forbidden Forest? It’s a hair-raising place, you never know what you’re going to run into! If you’re brave enough to step off the path you could run into an elusive unicorn, on the other hand, if you’re less lucky, you could stumble into a den of giant spiders! The Forbidden Forest is kind of like a box of chocolates. That is, if one percent of the chocolates are filled with amazing magical mallow, another 49 percent will cause you physical harm, and the other half of those fancy truffles will curse you for life. So, if your little one wants to explore the dark side of the Wizarding World the first thing you’ll want to do is take her for a little hike in these wild, wondrous woods. It won’t take long before she knows if she’s tough enough to hang with the best witches out there. The second part? Hook her up with sweet new witching duds! This dress will be perfect for wandering in the witching hours of early morning. In a midnight black with lacing details at the bodice, a hood, and dramatic wizard sleeves, your little one will be ready to appear with a warning prophecy or meet up with her coven in those forbidding woods, whatever her goal that night may be! When a witch this powerful is walking through the forest, only good magic dare roll her way.

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