Deluxe Black Panther Killmonger Battle Suit Costume for Adults

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Panther Power and Golden GleamMost villains are rather throw-away in their reasons for undertaking their wicked actions. They might attack a city in order to pilfer all of its wealth. Maybe they go on a maniac murder quest just to ensure they have the highest rank in some kind of sociopathic Top 10 list. Some go mad over a twisted notion of love. One or two seek an insane level of galactic transformation. And, of course, some just want all the power in the universe. Same old story, right? Of course, then you have N’Jadaka, better known as Erik Killmonger. He’s on a pretty complicated quest. He’s got a bit of revenge on his mind, naturally. Sure, he didn’t have the whole story… but when your father gets murdered by your uncle and king of a mythical nation, you probably are aiming for that golden throne. Add to that a few years of frustration at racial inequality and several years of establishing yourself as a brutal killer on the battlefield. Well, you know that when you finally get to Wakanda, you’re going to be taking names! Product DetailsRather than go through all of the wicked antics of Mr. ‘Trades in Murder’ from Black Panther, you can simply focus on highlighting his epic fashion choice when it comes to combat equipment. We’re happy to help with this officially licensed Deluxe Killmonger Battle Suit costume. This is a jumpsuit with fiberfill stuffing for the added musculature (until you get your hands on a heart-shaped herb). It is printed to look like the black and gleaming gold of Killmonger’s enhanced Panther Habit. Boot covers and a mesh mask complete your transformation into the Usurper King of Wakanda. A Shining Example of a VillainLove him or love how much you hate him, Killmonger knows how to make his heritage shine. Channel your own plans for Wakanda in this Deluxe Killmonger costume.

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