Deluxe Brown Costume Adult Boot Tops

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How Are Ye Sea Legs?If you decide to sail the seven seas this Halloween, you can’t have anyone questioning the integrity of your sea legs! That just cannot happen. So in order to avoid that from ever happening all you need is a mighty fine pair of pirate boots. Now, those can get awfully expensive… However, with a pair of our Deluxe Brown Boot Tops, you can get the same level respect for a fraction of the price.The Deluxe DesignThis fine leather accessory is suitable for a mighty pirate king or even a simple medieval merchant. They will secure to the bottoms of whatever footwear you decide to wear (we would suggest something slightly formal and… obviously brown. No, your neon green tennis shoes probably aren’t the best choice, but who are we to judge?). For a touch of authenticity, there are also gold buttons at the bottom of these boot tops. Lace them up in the front to a comfortable fit and you’ll be ready to hit up the party scene!Suit Up and Ship OutStrap up your boot (tops) and set sail this Halloween with these Deluxe Brown Boot Tops. With some amazing ‘boots’ like these, no will make you walk the plank!

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