Deluxe Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Costume for Girls

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Some Things Never ChangeThe winds are restless, and your child seems to be hearing a strange call. You wonder if something new is coming and whether things are about to change. Well, some things will. There will be answers to long-held questions and everyone is going to look a little different, but we can promise magic and adventure will still be included. There will be music and mystery and all things related to the bond of family as well. Honestly, we can’t wait to over enjoy it all either!Are things still a little obscured? Maybe it seems like we’re hiding something in the mist? Sorry about that! We’re talking about Frozen 2! That call your child has been reacting to is the thought that they need to experience the excitement as soon and as often as possible. After seeing the movie, the next right step is bringing the story home so your child can relive the journey and spend time with their favorite characters time and again!Fun DetailsGet your child ready to enjoy Frozen 2 all over again with this officially licensed Elsa costume! Styled after Elsa’s icy-blue traveling ensemble, this adventure-worthy costume will have your child feeling ready to face misty enchanted forests and foxfire alike. With a glittery all-over print and attached cape, every twirl will be as magical as Elsa’s while your child plays. The neckline borders a sequined chest panel that looks like Elsa’s jumpsuit. All your child will need is a pair of leggings before confronting the sea and taming the watery Nokk!Hold on TightWhen play is precious, we can’t let it slip away. Though we can’t freeze the moments, your child can still seize the day! With this Deluxe Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Costume your little one is ready to make every day and game of dress-up as memorable as their favorite movie!

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