Deluxe Grey Cat Costume for Child

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HOUSE CATSBeing a house cat would not be a bad gig. House cats lead a pretty good life, a life of luxury and relaxation. They start the morning by waking up their humans to make them feed them. This usually occurs around 6:00 AM. Then, they’ll spend the morning sharpening their claws on the claw sharpener, though the humans call it a couch. By 1:00 PM they are pretty bored, so it’s time to stalk their human and pounce on their ankles until they fire up the laser pointer.After a healthy dose of exercise from the laser pointer, they need a little catnap. But, they’re awake for dinner at 7:00! After that, these cats actually have a little bit of work to do, as they have a strict schedule of scratching at the door and meowing as loud as they can from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM. And that is how the average house cat spends their day. FUN DETAILS We can see why your child wants to be a cat, Their daily schedule certainly doesn’t look too shabby. They’ll be wearing a grey jumpsuit covered in black stripes. The jumpsuit has fuzzy shoe-covers attached, and we included a pair of mitts as well so they’ll be looking like a kitten from head to toe. The jumpsuit has a tail on the back and a hood with fuzzy ears on it, helping to make this costume easily recognizable! HOUSE CATSWhen you are a house cat, you get to make the rules. Your humans are like your big servants that maintain your house and get your food. You’re pretty much royalty! You even get free scratches behind your ears whenever you want. All you need to do is rub your head on your human’s ankle as they try to walk by! Works every time.

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