Deluxe Spider Gwen Kids Costume

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Spider-like ReflexesFlying through the nighttime air, you land silently in a run at the top of the building. Fearlessly sprinting to the edge, you gracefully leap into the air and somersault twice before using your webs to send yourself into a twirling swing even higher into the air. After freefalling for a moment, you catch yourself lightly on the very edge of a building next to a serious young man in a black spider suit.You look at each other and nod in greeting, silently scanning the streets below you as three more spider-folk show up on the ledges all around you. There is a pig, a machine, and even an old guy. Truly you are a team to be reckoned with. The Boss won’t know what hit him!Form and FunctionFinding the perfect blend of materials and styles to make your costume is a tough job, so leave it to the pros and get this Deluxe Child Spider Gwen Costume. You will love all the true-to-film details that mark this out as the costume of Spider Gwen. This one-piece jumpsuit fits snugly and comfortably, giving you all the maneuverability and range of motion that you need to take out the bad guys. Whether flying through the air or running and jumping, this costume will look and feel great.Spidey SenseIf you are looking for the perfect Gwen costume for your child, then this is the one for you. They will love the accurate design and comfortable fit of this costume. Just make sure they practice web-slinging before they go out to fight crime!

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