Deluxe Toddler Nun Costume

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Good HeavensNot every toddler acts as heavenly as yours (trust us), but your little tyke is totally special. She’s thoughtful and careful. She’s quiet and a good listener. And she just loves to be helpful. She nurses her little brother when he’s sick. She helps rake neighbors’ leaves. And she raises money for those in need. Wow. That’s amazing! First, please tell us your secret. Then, be sure to snatch up this Deluxe Toddler Nun Costume for your little princess. It’s the perfect way for her to show her good nature this Halloween! Of course, she may need it for a stage production or she may just want to add it to her dress-up collection. No matter! Since she hasn’t taken any real vows yet, it’s ok for her to have this prized possession.Product DetailsThis dress has all the stylings of an authentic habit, including a jersey collar and a balaclava-style head cap that leaves the face exposed. The veil features a foam edge for comfort and fastens with ties at the back of the neck. This completely exclusive garment is as heavenly to wear as it is to look at, which is really helpful. We all know how hard it is to get a toddler to wear something that’s not comfortable. You don’t know? Oh, well, trust us. It’s hard.Back in the HabitJust make sure you’re ready to be on your best behavior once your kiddo has this nun costume-she’ll be on the lookout! We’re not saying you have to be a saint or anything, but your little dear won’t stand for any selfishness or rowdiness. Good luck!

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