Deluxe Toddler PJ Masks Owlette Light Up Costume

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Keeping the Night SafeDoes your child has superheroic aspirations? Does she want to protect the night from mischeivous villains who want to ruin bedtime? Does she want to dress up in a superhero suit? Well, she might be ready to join the PJ Masks team! They spend their evening making sure that bedtime remains safe for everyone. Of course, the first thing she’s going to need if she wants to become a nighttime superhero, is a fabulous outfit based on the PJ Masks superhero costumes!This Deluxe PJ Masks Owlette Costume is a toddler sized outfit based on the cartoon series. It comes with a jumpsuit, a cape, and a mask, so your child will look like her favorite character in an instant.Fun DetailsThis officially licensed girl’s costume starts with a red jumpsuit that has printed details on the exterior. The suit fits with a fastener strip in the back and comes with elastic in the waist. The chest of the suit features an LED light, so your child can just flip a switch to light up the costume! The pant legs end in foam boot covers, so your child can just slide them on over their regular shoes. The included cape fits over your child’s shoulders and even has finger loops for your child’s hands. Finally, the costume comes with a foam mask that fits with an elastic band. Once your child has it on, she’ll be ready to team up with Catboy and Gekko on the next night mission!

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