Deluxe Wicket/Ewok Costume for Kids | Warm Halloween Costume

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So remember last month, when the tax assessor came to your house to evaluate your property value? No? Well, that’s because your little guy set up an elaborate series of traps to thwart the tax man’s attempts at getting anywhere around your property. We’re not talking “traps” like a certain 90’s home invasion, family-friendly movie kind of thing. No, we mean he literally built a log swing, a series of rolling rock avalanches, and even got all the neighborhood kids to show up with handmade bows and arrows. We’d come over in person to tell you this, but we’re too afraid–we think you have a little Ewok warrior in your home. And we think you should embrace that by getting him this Deluxe Wicket/Ewok Child Costume, so he can live out his destiny of being an Empire toppling forest bear/person whose handmaid shenanigans win over far more technologically advanced weaponry. And, honestly, on top of all of that, he would probably look pretty adorable in this get up.So let you little one’s true self come out. Let him embrace the personality of the little critter from the forest moon of Endor, and be who he really is. The fur jumpsuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at the back, and the faux suede hood comes with decorative stitching, and not to mention, those adorable ears. Maybe, uhh, just help him cool it a little on the home defense traps. We really would love to come over and share this new zucchini casserole recipe with you sometime.

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