Demon Inflatable Wings

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Don’t Get Dragged DownBeing a demon certainly has its perks. The supernatural strength, hypnotic stare, and hellhound sidekick really only scratch the surface. The health plan is fantastic, and you were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee you can get in the Underworld.However, there’s one thing you’re still missing. Through a series of rather unfortunate mishaps, you’ve lost your wings. But if you’re honest with yourself, they were pretty bulky and uncomfortable anyway. Not to mention, all that fiendish muscle weighed a ton! You’re actually quite charmed with this replacement set, and in fact, you might just decide to keep them around for a while…Product DetailsWhen you complete your costume with these Inflatable Demon Wings, you won’t get dragged down to Hades (unless you purposely go back for the coffee, of course.) These red and black wings have a span of approximately five feet when fully inflated with the included fan. Elastic straps keep them securely on your shoulders, and you can keep the power running with batteries or a USB device. You’ll be ready for all kinds of mischief when you put on this awesome accessory!

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