Descendants 3 Evie Classic Costume for Girls

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The Magic of Evie 4 Hearts It’s a funny thing the way that kiddos try to take after their folks but find their own unique way of doing so. Now, when we first ran into Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen, we had certain expectations. An obsession with beauty and a penchant for gathering up hearts… sound familiar at all? Well, the Evil Queen might have had some pretty gruesome routes of acquiring fame and power, but Evie is proof that sometimes the apple rolls down the hill and creates a brand new orchard of awesome. It’s time to celebrate the newest form of Evie’s true magical power. Sure, she could be a sorceress, but she’d rather create a line of fashion that will help everyone be their very best self! That’s the magic of Evie 4 Hearts and we’re happy to be part of it. Come check out our line of lovely princess fashion and make sure that the kiddo in your life stands center stage with a classic Evie look! Fun DetailsChannel the fun of this officially licensed Descendants 3 look with this Evie costume. This costume is a movie replica of the Evie 4 Hearts jumpsuit and skirt, Evie’s own take on the storybook look of Snow White and the Evil Queen combined. The costume features foam shoulders and a stand-up collar, too, a perfect high fashion look for any princess. Accessorize this costume with an Evie wig to bring the whole character to life and give your own kiddo the chance for an epic costume adventure. Expand the Fashion Line!When you’re born to be the queen of fashion, there’s no stopping! Help your tyke show the world that this the year of Evie with a classic costume that highlights the best of Evie 4 Heart’s design. (There will always be time for mastering all that magic later!)

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