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You’ve got to be tough to make it out on the range. When you spend your days roping and riding and racing the wind, you need a strong hand, a stout heart, and a lot of patience. Lassoing a runaway steer is tricky business for sure, but so is riding the prairie patching up fences. The cowgirl life isn’t all glitz and glamour, but it certainly is a lot of hard work.But along with all of that hard work comes a good deal of fun. Like we mentioned before, you have your roping and your riding. You also have your beautiful sunsets over the prairie, your time caring for your horses, and of course those classic Western clothes. Who doesn’t love the old West look? Cowgirl hats, boots, fabrics that are made for toughness but look super cool at the same time – dressing for the job is almost reason enough to pursue the cowgirl lifestyle in itself.Of course, you don’t have to hire on as an actual ranch hand in order to look the part. This three-piece polyester ensemble is fun enough to make even the most urban kid feel like she’s right out there at the head of the big cattle drive. The red gingham dress includes an attached brown vest with faux gold buttons and a blue bow for classic country style. The rustic brown skirt features an attached belt with metal buckle, and of course there are the all-important red paisley bandana and cowgirl hat with wire brim. It’s a look that says your girl is rugged enough to ride the range, but ready to have fun when the workday is done.

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