Discount Vampire Teeth

38,00 kr.

Til butik


CAUTIONWhen you put on these vampire teeth caps, you need to be careful. You might find yourself having urges that are difficult to control. After all, you just got some new chompers, it only makes sense that you’d want to try them out. But you need to remember, you are not an actual vampire! If you bite someone, it’s just going to be really gross and awkward between you two. They are going to have to go get some band-aids while you keep apologizing and they’ll never really trust you again after that little stunt you pulled. Trust us, it is NOT worth it. FUN DETAILS These teeth caps turn your canine teeth into vampire fangs! Trust us, this is the easiest way to complete the look. All you’ll need are a cap and a coffin, and you’ll be feeling like a regular Count Dracula. Don’t worry, you can still go in the sunlight!VAMPIRESlooking to give your mouth a bloodstained look without sucking any blood? Buy a packet of Kool-Aid and use it to dye your mouth! It’ll look like you just finished a sip from your last victim, and it’ll taste delicious! We’d be carrying a packet with us all night, just for a tasty snack.

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