Disney Descendants 3 Mal Classic Costume for Girls

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The Next Kind of MagicMaleficent was one of the most powerful spellcasters in all of Disney history. It goes without saying that even though Mal didn’t follow after the Mistress of Evil’s personality, she certainly gained a bunch of her magical mojo! From chanting out a handful of unique spells from her spellbook to whipping up some surprising dragon shapeshifting, Mal certainly had all the rest of the VKs and Auradon students surprised! But, Mal always has something else up her sleeve. Turns out that she’s taking a page out of Evie’s style and using some of that magic to create a wardrobe that nobody else could match! While all the Auradon Kids and Villain Kids have their certain panache with fashion, Mal manages to stand out no matter what kind of adventure is on the horizon. And, now, with a wave of her hands, it is time for your kiddo to enjoy some of the same style!Fun DetailsWith Descendants 3, it is time for more Mal and the rest of the VKs… and that means a quick update to Mal’s apparel, too. We’re happy to help you with a bit of our own magic with this officially licensed Classic Mal costume, featuring a jumpsuit printed and styled to look just like Mal’s updated look. The bottom has the perfect amount of distress to show Mal’s adventurous life and the included vest is great whether dealing with Auradon society or fighting off the pirates! Finish off your tyke’s look with your choice of a Mal wig and it’s time to bring Descendants back!A Dress Change with a SnapMal might have the magic to wave her hand and garb up in all sorts of heroic style. It’s an ability that we’re still waiting to acquire. But, until that day comes, you can still help your tyke feel the fun with this classic Mal look.

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