Disney Incredibles 2: Deluxe Violet Toddler’s Jumpsuit Costume

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Little Girl, Big PowersIf your little girl had superpowers, what would they be? Maybe she could use tractor beam eyes to share toys without any pesky asking. All she needs to do is stare at that cool puzzle game that’s in high demand and all the sudden the puzzle will be on the side of her room and those other kids can’t do anything about it. Or maybe she’d want to have the gift of precognition. A kid that can predict the future is tough to raise, she could tell when you’re going to ask her to clean her room or sort the recycling. Or maybe your little one wants to become like the incredible Violet! Little Violet might be literally invisible sometimes but she’s certainly not a superhero to be trifled with.Product DetailsThis licensed black and red jumpsuit comes with a charming black skirt that would be fully approved by Violet. The Incredibles icon is centered on the top, just like Edna Mode designed. Your little girl will feel tough and feel comfortable running around, the black bottoms of the leg make up the boot look but she can wear this with whatever shoes can make her run the fastest. Top off this look with a black mask and she’ll be ready to fight with the family. All for One and One for AllYour little one will love to take down bad guys with the family. Get Dash, Elastigirl, and Mr. Incredible together and you’ll see her confidence soar. Maybe she won’t be able to get invisible or throw up a force field but she’ll sure pretend to! Wouldn’t a force field be awesome to stop little Jack-Jack from falling over and bawling for the hundredth time in the evening? So head out into the neighborhood this Halloween and watch those bad guys scatter! This Halloween is sure to be incredible.

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