Disney Snow White Dopey Costume for Adults

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Here, Hear!It’s pretty easy to think that the tiny, silent dwarf that sometimes trips over his own tunic may not have much to offer. Sure, he might not be leading the team and he might not have the steam to shout down any wandering witches. But there is more than meets the eye to our favorite dwarf, Dopey! Since he’s not busy flapping his jaw, he’s able to spot all the shiniest of gems. And, better yet? You know that Dopey is listening carefully to all that’s going around. (At the very least, he’s quick-witted enough to know that he can duck around for that extra goodbye smooch!)Fun DetailsIf you’ve heard how great Dopey can be and would like to team up with the rest of the team of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you’re going to love slipping into the green tunic of this exclusive Adult Dopey costume. The tunic features giant decorative buttons on the front as well as faux elbow patches and a draped front. Dopey’s hat is his classic purple color and large ears are attached so everyone will recognize you in a snap! The black belt cinches the look together and tan boot covers will have you singing “Heigh-Ho!” as you head out for the fun!

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