Dog Elf Costume Kit

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Checking the ListHas your pup been naughty or nice this year? Okay, so maybe our furry family members aren’t always well behaved. Food goes missing from the counters, and a shoe or two might have some teeth marks. Still, we know that our canines are all good doggos at their core. They love us unconditionally, and we can’t think of anything better than that! Let your dog help Santa meet the kids this year with an Elf Dog Costume Kit!Product DetailsThis two piece set is all you will need to get your pup into the holiday spirit. The pointy red hat has green trim detailing along the base, while the tip is decorated with a bell. A string of elastic under the chin keeps the hat in place. The collar has a velcro type fastening, and the red fabric mimics the pointed cut of the hat’s green trim. Each point of the collar features a green pompom. That’s it! We can’t make your dog any cuter. They are already so cute as is! The Goodest PupperWe think that elves can ask Santa for Christmas gifts, too. What does your good boy or girl want? Is it a new bone? A squishy sqeaky toy? Or maybe lots and lots of treats? No matter what you get your pet, you’ve already given them the greatest gift-your companionship. Sappy, we know, but dogs and their humans go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s just meant to be!

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