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Impossible TechniqueMartial arts are hard. We’ve spent years trying to learn all of Goku’s moves from Dragon Ball Z. The Kamehameha Wave, the Kaio-Ken attack, and even the Instant Transmission-all the basics, of course. We also tried going Super Saiyan a few times, but not a single hair on our head turned gold. Quite frankly, we don’t know how the guy makes it all look so easy. He just shouts for a minute or two and then, BAM! he’s increased his power level by 10 fold. Meanwhile, we just confuse and annoy our neighbors every time that we attempt to go Super Saiyan.The good news is that looking like Goku is super easy. you don’t need to know how to control your ki. You don’t need to get any lessons from Master Roshi. And Beerus won’t ever try to punch you. You just need this authentic Goku costume from the Akira Toriyama anime series.Design & DetailsThis Dragon Ball Z authentic Goku costume comes with everything you need to dress like Universe 7’s most accomplished fighter. The costume comes with a blue undershirt, and has cap sleeves. The orange over-shirt has a v-neck and it even has Goku’s symbol embroidered onto the front and back. The matching orange pants have an elastic band around the waist and stylized ruched along the side seams. The blue sash ties around the waist and even has a small brown pouch attached to it for carrying around your Senzu Beans. The costume also comes with matching blue cuffs that fit around the wrists. The foam boot covers add the finishing touch to the look!Make it Look EasyNow, you might not instantly learn how to do the Kamehameha Wave when you wear this costume, and you may not be ready to go a few rounds with Majin Buu just yet. You will, however, look ready for an exhibition match! Just make sure to check out our matching Goku wig to get some proper spiky anime hair.

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