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Feeling Super SayianThe world is slowly being annihilated all around you. Your only friend and mentor was just struck down by the worst kinds of creatures imaginable: Androids. You feel the hot, burning, fiery rage building up in you. You let out a primal roar as the ground starts to crack and fissure around you, lighting striking near you. You see fear in the android’s eyes as your eyes change to the teal of a Super Sayian. With one last ferocious roar, you have transformed. The time has finally come, you know what you must do. It’s time to go back and stop this from ever happening. It’s time for you to be the hero.Or at least, that’s what we’d imagine you’d feel like if you were in the shoes of Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. We know, we know, the plot is a bit confusing and all, especially with the split timeline, but you can’t deny that you’re hooked. That you want to see justice out and fix all the wrongs. That you too would happily be the hero from the future sent back to save the day.Fun DetailsWith our Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume, you can do just that. This costume is 100 percent polyester. The top is a stretch knit with scoop neck. The purple cropped jacket has button closures and two front pockets, along with a printed Capsule Corp logo on the left sleeve. The pants have an elastic waistband and are gathered up at each leg. The boot coppers and belt have Hook and Loop fastener closures. The purple wig is also included (although it may require some styling). The powerful sword that can slice through Frieza like a Kamahama Wave not included. Suit upSo, what are you waiting for? Another android invasion? More androids to overrun the planet? Suit up, sharpen your blade, and hone your skills in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to help your new friends save the Earth. No pressure or anything.

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