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Your Reign BeginsDragons bow before you. The other nobles and lords can’t help but obey your command. Enemies on the battlefield tremble before your prowess. It’s time to expand your rule to new lands… and nothing sets you up for success like a stunning outfit, designed to showcase your noble nature, your talent with a sword, and your sovereignty over draconic beings. It’s time for this Men’s Black Dragon Prince Costume!Indulge in your dreams of high fantasy and become the prince that unknown lands have been waiting for! This men’s outfit comes with everything you need to bring out your inner royalty!Product DetailsThis costume is inspired by iconic portrayals of princes and nobles seen in classic fantasy tales. The top is black and comes with red accents on the sleeves. It also has faux armor pieces on the shoulder and one side of the chest. The included belt is made out of a faux leather material with a silver-tone buckle in the front. The costume also comes with a pair of boot tops intended to be used with any pair of black shoes. When you put it all together, you’ll be ready to take the throne and expand your legacy!Knightly DutiesAs the new lord of your realm, you’ll have plenty of new duties to perform. You’ll be in charge of quelling rebellions, taming any stray dragons flying around, and maintaining your iron grip over the throne. Make sure you add one of our swords and wig to your cart to be ready for anything that the realm can throw at you.

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