Elf on the Shelf Costume for Men

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Jack ElfingtonIt is hard to be an elf on the shelf for a lot of reasons, but the hardest is probably trying to stretch one month of work to cover your expenses for the whole year. It sure is nice to have such an easygoing boss, and the vacation is to die for, but it just doesn’t pay all year round. Despite trying to get the union to get you a salary, you have no choice but to find work in the off season.That is the story of how you got into the Halloween business. You didn’t think that an elf would fit in with witches, werewolves, and vampires at first, but they turned out to be a very nice group of people. In fact, don’t tell Santa, but you have begun preferring the Halloween work to the dreary hiding and cookie stealing jobs of the holidays!Suits SantaThis Men’s Elf on the Shelf Costume is the perfect way to be Santa’s (or Jack’s) helper this year! The red color with the white snowflake-themed neckline is the perfect way to bring the holidays into your attire. The gloves and hat are comfortably stable, not to mention perfect for those trips to the North Pole and the graveyard! You’ll love the soft and cozy feeling of this costume.Hidden GemIf you are looking for the perfect elf costume that will help you show those ghouls and ghasts what the holidays are all about, then this is the one for you! You can’t help but be the best guy around when you are so elfing stylish!

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