Elf on the Shelf Men’s Costume

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Works for UsThere are many exciting jobs in the holiday business. The elves who make toys get to stretch their creativity while producing all the dolls, trucks, and cell phones that get sent out each year. The reindeer get to live the high life for 364 days and then fly around seeing the sights every year. Then there’s Santa himself, who gets the fame and glory of everyone’s hard work!Then there are the jobs that no one sees, but are just as important. The elves who muck the reindeer stalls, the dentists who get mocked, and, of course, the elves who diligently sit on the shelves. Well, maybe it’s not so bad! You get to cause all kinds of mischief as you run around the house at night. And getting back at Santa by eating his cookies is a real treat! Ok, maybe it’s pretty good to be an elf on a shelf.More Than a StockingThis Men’s Elf on the Shelf Costume is the perfect way to be Santa’s helper this year! The red color with the white snowflake-themed neckline is the perfect way to bring the holidays into your attire. The gloves and hat are comfortably stable, not to mention perfect for those trips to the North Pole and back! You’ll love the soft and cozy feeling of this costume.Hidden GemIf you are looking for the perfect elf costume that will help you win the hide and go seek competition this year, then this is the one for you. Despite the bright colors, you will be able to hide with the best of them, as long as you don’t leave too many tracks!

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