Elite Alice Costume for Girls

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Have you ever wondered what Alice would have done if she didn’t chase the White Rabbit down the hole leading to Wonderland? What if she got nervous and decided that taking a plunge down a mysterious hole in the ground might not be the wisest life choice to make? Would Alice then have accepted the underwhelming marriage proposal by Hamish Ascot instead? Would she have sat with Aunt Imogene at a table and contently eaten lemon cakes and crumpets? We just have so many questions about what would have happened to Alice if she din’t save Wonderland!It’s really hard to say what Alice would have done if she didn’t end up liberating her friends from the Red Queen’s rule. No one will ever really know for sure, so we should focus on what YOU will do when you’re pretending to be the one and only Alice. Once you’re wearing this elite Alice girls costume, will you decide to go toe to toe with the Knave of Hearts and the Jabberwock? Or will you venture out on your own whimsical adventure, accompanied by your very own group of wacky best friends?Those are all questions you’re going to have to answer once you’re wearing this costume because you’ll look like the real deal; the real Alice. This tea length blue dress features puffed sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, and ruffled eyelet trim. In true Alice fashion, a lacy white apron adorns the front of the dress while a large white bow is tied in the back. A headband with a black bow is also included, completing the storybook look. Once you’re completely outfitted in this look, you’ll be ready to start your own adventure no matter what that may be!

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