Elite Alice Costume for Girls

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TIME FOR ADVENTURES When you dress up as Alice, you are in for an adventure! Who knows what you might encounter! Step out into your yard and begin your fun. Our recommendation? Find a rabbit. Finding a white rabbit would be the perfect way to start an adventure. You’ll want to follow them around, and stay out of sight. There is no telling where the rabbit could lead you! What’s your ideal adventure? You could go mountain climbing, or camping, or scuba diving. We have always wanted to climb a mountain, we can only imagine what the view must be like from up there. Whatever your ideal adventure might be, we think this costume is the perfect thing to wear while you do it! FUN DETAILSThis costume comes in form of a 100% polyester gabardine dress! It’s a light blue and has a white collar and white lining along the sleeves and along the skirt hem. Under the dress, you’ll have a white tulle petticoat, and over the dress fits a white lace apron, which is attached to the dress with a hook and loop fastener. You’ll have a white sash around your waist over the apron, and a headband with a big black bow on it on top of your head. This combination creates an iconic look that anyone could recognize. THE BEST PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY BONKERS When you go out in this costume, we recommend that you keep an open mind! There is no telling what kind of interesting characters you might meet while on your own little adventure. So, while you might meet some people that seem totally bonkers, it’s important to remember that all of the best people are. So head out there with an open mind, and have fun!

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