Elizabethan King Men’s Costume

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Obviously RoyaltyThere’s no denying your claim to the throne. Kingly blood runs through your veins. From your swagger and composure, it’s plain to see. So it’s no surprise that you ended up here, looking at this regal Elizabethan King Costume. The only question we have for you is, what kind of king will you be?The Grand DesignThis costume comes with all the bells and whistles that will make you a truly elegant and powerful ruler. To kick things off, there are not two shirts but a single top fashioned to look like a doublet with a puffy white shirt underneath. The velvet jacket fastens at the center front as well as along the length of the sleeves with the help of gold-tone buttons and ribbon loops. With the pleated collar, the gold braid, and the fancy brocade ribbon trim, this jacket is almost fit to rule on its own. The knee-length pants are made with elastic at the waistband and at the cuffs. A pair of boot tops that will meet the pant’s cuffs are also included with this regal getup.Aside from those three main components, a handful of accessories also come with this costume. You will be suited with a faux leather belt that has a decorative buckle. A spiffy necklace that attaches to the shoulders of the jacket will look like your royal family’s heirloom along with the attached lion medallion. Finally, what is a king without his crown? He’s just another nobleman a.k.a. a NOBODY.Choose Your PathWill you be a king that focuses on colonizing, taking over one costume party after another? Perhaps you will be one that focuses on your homeland more than the rest of the world, making your own Halloween party the greatest in the neighborhood. Whichever way you are leaning this October, be sure you rule with not only an iron fist but also a heart of gold.

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