Emperor’s New Groove Kronk Men’s Costume

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Hapless HenchmanSometimes, good guys get stuck in the wrong job. At his heart, Kronk is just a big lug who doesn’t really want to do any harm, but somehow, he found himself working for the evil Yzma! She’s bent on exacting her revenge on Emperor Kuzco… and she’ll stop at nothing to do it. If that means stealing the throne for herself, she’ll do it. If that means using all sorts of weird (and poorly labeled) potions, she’ll do it. And if that means sending Kronk to do all of the heavy lifting, well, you’d better believe she’s going to do it! Maybe it’s time for Kronk to find himself a new groove…Well, when you dress up as Disney’s Kronk, then you can choose the lovable big guy’s fate for yourself! You can obey Yzma’s every command, or you can start giving her some sound advice (which she’ll promptly ignore).Fun DetailsThis officially licensed Emperor’s New Groove Kronk Costume comes with everything you need to dress up like the character from the iconic Disney movie. The costume starts with a brightly colored tunic that fits with a fastener in the back. It has a gold collar around the neck to match his outfit from the movie. The belt is attached to the tunic and has a panel hanging down in the front. The armbands and shin guards are shimmering gold, which matches the collar on the tunic. Finally, this costume comes with Kronk’s headpiece, which fits with an elastic band in the back. When you have it all on, you’ll be ready to serve Yzma!Kronk’s New GrooveWhether you’re looking to help Yzma take the throne or you discover your own groove, this Emperor’s New Groove costume is an easy choice for any fans of the movie.

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